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Legalized By Russian Law


So, according to ex-KGB man Vladimir Putin, Viktor Yanukovich is still the legitimate president of Ukraine. Viktor Yanukovich, the man who is politically responsible for the death of at least 75 people, who has a net worth of $ 12 billion, who owned a $ 75 million mansion near Kiev and a $ 56 million mansion near one of Putin’s mansions in Russia… Viktor Yanukovich, who was from a poor family, who was arrested and imprisoned at the age of 17 for robbery and assault, who was a manager of a transport company for a while, who became a politician in 1996, and who has never earned more than $ 2,000 per month? Do the math: how many months did he have to work to gather $ 12 billion?

And why is Mr. Putin surprised that the Party of Regions, the political party of Viktor Yanukovich, is not represented in the current interim government? Could it be because wealth tends to rub off on those within the party who enabled Viktor Yanukovich to gather “his” $ 12 billion? Could it be because the people of Ukraine, who watched and witnessed the wealth of their president and his fellow thugs from the Party of Regions, have little faith in the political integrity of the Party of Regions?

And what about this nonsense of “Neo Nazis” in the government? The Svoboda (Freedom) Party got 10,45% of the votes in the 2012 elections. They are a social-nationalist, anti-communist populist party, and their party program is not more conservative and more nationalist than any random political movement in the United States of America, with the right to bear arms and a ban on abortion. Not my cup of tea, but nothing out of the ordinary. And yes, they want to be part of NATO and the European Union. The coalition they formed with Fatherland and UDAR after the Euromaidan Revolution, is a temporary one. Only the parliamentary and presidential elections will show if they will get a place in the new Cabinet.

We saw a Russian official produce a letter from Viktor Yanukovich, requesting help from Russia. Coincidentally, and very conveniently, the State Duma is reviewing a draft law that allows the Kremlin to declare any territory part of Russia if the leaders of the territory request it. So this is how it would work: you give the leadership of any former Soviet country a couple of billion dollars, in return for their pro-Putin policies (what comes first?), and when the people find out about this and start a revolution, you let your puppets write a letter with the request for help, and the Russian laws allow you to occupy the country.

Jack Vanderwyk

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Ukrainian Nationalism?

Digital StillCamera

“Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism” is a cliché of Soviet phraseology. According to Soviet ideology Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism was a specific form of bourgeois nationalism and was recognized the superiority of national interests over class interests.
The term has appeared in 1920s at first in documents of the Communist Party, then it transferred into journalism and science literature. It performed functions of ideological request. Another ideological request in Soviet historiography was equating Ukrainian nationalism with fascism and with nazism in particular. This was conducted despite the fact that racism and cult of personality were extrinsic to Ukrainian nationalism, which was its distinction.

Today I heard a member of the Russian parliament use the same Soviet phraseology. He was addressing the pro-European Ukrainian nationalists as “Neo Nazi bands” The nazis were the biggest enemies of the Soviet Union, and anything associated with it must be evil, threatening, and should be destroyed with every means, preferably military means.

The truth is a different thing all together. Of course, you will find small groups of neo nazis in almost every country in the world, and it won’t be difficult to find some pictures of Ukrainian neo nazis on the internet. The myth of Ukrainian nationalists being fascists, or nazis, came to being with the outbreak of war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1941. Initially, the Ukrainian nationalists thought that this was an opportunity to break loose from the Soviet Union and become independent. Very soon, however, the Ukrainian nationals were fighting against the Germans, the Soviets, and the Polish. Ukrainian nationalist leaders were imprisoned by the Nazis.

Ukrainian nationalism is much older than the Soviet Union. The medieval state of Kievan Rus’ is the cultural basis of Ukraine, also claimed by Russia and Belarus. Kievan Rus’ was founded by the Rurik Dynasty, the founding fathers of Ukrainian and Russian aristocracy. The ancestry of many Ukrainian and Russian princes, like the Obolenskys and the Bariatinskys, directly lead back to Rurik.

While the center of political and military power was Moscow, and later St. Petersburg, ruled by the Romanov dynasty, of lower aristocratic descend (they were grand dukes, not princes), the center of culture and religion was Kiev. The Byzantine Empire was the most important cultural and trading partner of Kievan Rus’. With the decline of Constantinople, the loose state of Kievan Rus’, consisting of principalities, fell to the Mongol invasion of the 1240s.

The majority of the Ukrainian population are Ruthenians. Only a small minority of the Russian population belong to the Ruthenian people. During the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth the country was called Kijowskie, and it was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which fought against Habsburg Prussia, Sweden, the Ottoman Empire, and Muscovy Russia. Commonwealth troops entered Russia and managed to take Moscow and hold it from September 27, 1610 to November 4, 1612, until driven out after a siege. Between the 1650s-1680s Kijowskie was lost to Muscovy Russia, and the Ukrainians once more tried to regain their independence.

So you can see that the desire for independence is not a new thing in Ukraine. You may call that nationalism, but then you shouldn’t forget that “nationalism” was almost a swear word during the era of the Soviet Union, and that the Soviet phraseology is still very much alive in today’s Russia, especially in Russian politics.

And then there’s Crimea. From the 18th till the 20th century, Crimea belonged to the Russian Empire, which included Ukraine. But it was part of Kievan Rus’ many centuries before it was occupied by the Byzantine Greeks, Kipchaks, Ottoman Turks, Golden Horde Tatars and the Mongols. If any country is entitled to Crimea, it’s definitely Ukraine.

Yes, it’s true that Crimea was the “Côte d’Azur” of the Russian and Ukrainian aristocracy, and that it was the stronghold of the White Russian anti-bolshevik army, until years after the Russian Revolution. But this also shows the strong anti-Soviet sentiments in the area. And of course the Soviet leadership made sure that the original population was removed from Crimea and replaced by loyal Soviets, because they wanted to feel safe in their very own “Côte d’Azur”. And yes, it was Stalin himself who decided that the Conference of the Big Three (Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt) would take place in Yalta.

The problem with Russia is that many Russians and Russian politicians know very little of Russian history. They know all the dogmas and lies of the Soviet era, but very little about what happened before. Ukrainians, however, do know a lot about their rich cultural inheritage. They have every reason to preserve that inheritage and keep as far away from today’s Russia as possible.

P.S.: Russification during Soviet occupation will lead to the desire for derussification after the occupation. Sooner or later. The Baltic states are a good example. It’s only logical.

Jack Vanderwyk

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Open Letter to the American Kennel Club (AKC)


Now science has progressed, it can be shown that the DNA of a dog contains genes which are alien to the Labrador Retriever breed, which means that such a dog CAN NOT be a purebred Labrador Retriever. Kennel Clubs, including the AKC, are increasingly under fire because of these extremely bad and dangerous developments, which need to stop here and now. It’s only a matter of time before the first lawsuit in the United States against the American Kennel Club appears, as the AKC in their pedigree certificates quite wrongfully gives the impression that these “dilutes” are purebred Labrador Retrievers. If the National Kennel Clubs are not willing or able to effectively guarantee or monitor the purity of a dog, then who is? And what is the value of a pedigree certificate?

The National Kennel Clubs have the means to prevent non-purebred dogs to enter the studbooks. If in doubt about the presence of the “dilute” (dd) gene in Labrador Retrievers, one should require the applicant of a pedigree certificate to proof that this particular dog or litter is free from the “dilute” (dd) gene, by means of DNA testing by accredited laboratories.

I would like to ask the Board of the American Kennel Club (AKC) to require that any Labrador Retriever that is exported to another country has to show the results of a DNA test proving that the dog is free from the “dilute” (dd) gene. This should also apply to any Labrador Retriever when there are doubts about the purity, regarding the presence of the “dilute” (dd) gene.

Finally, I would like to ask the Board of the American Kennel Club (AKC) to look into the practices of registering “silvers” as chocolates, “charcoals” as blacks, and “champagnes” as yellows. Stop with this fraud. These dogs are not even purebred Labradors. The task of the American Kennel Club (AKC) is to guard the purity of the breed. This is a very serious task. Should it turn out that the American Kennel Club (AKC) is not willing to take this task seriously (enough), then there is always the possibility to let the Courts decide about these issues…

Click here to read the full Open Letter to the AKC

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Vooral veel oudere Nederlanders schijnen een hekel te hebben aan “selfie”. Niet alleen aan het woord, maar ook aan het verschijnsel. Ter verduidelijking: een selfie is een foto van jezelf, doorgaans gemaakt met een mobiele telefoon.

Nederland is een Calvinistisch land, waar valse bescheidenheid een deugd is. Dat merken we dagelijks, want het is “not done” om jezelf te prijzen als je iets hebt gepresteerd. Het is “not done” om in de spiegel te kijken en te zeggen dat je er goed uitziet vandaag. Dergelijk gedrag wordt bestempeld als “ijdelheid”. Dezelfde instelling heeft geleid tot de klassieke Calvinistische “Wet van Jante”: “Wanneer je je kop boven het maaiveld uitsteekt, wordt die afgehakt.”

Click hier om het hele artikel te lezen.

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Shameless in the Netherlands – The TV Interview

Recently a silly Dutch city council planned to forbid people on welfare and benefits to smoke. Dutch national television decided to interview Dutch ‘Frank Gallagher’ Jack Vanderwyk, and I gave the city council a hearty piece of my mind. My friend Joop Verbeek (Farbourne) was there to take pictures of the event. In this photo (above) the wireless microphone is being installed.

“The more I smoke, the sooner I die. Since I’ve worked and payed for my pension all my life, this will save the community a lot of money.”

Sports journalist and athlete Peper Hofstede interviewing me.

“I smoke since I was thirteen. Besides that I like my ciggy, especially after a meal or with a pint, or a glass of wine, it helps me to focus when I’m writing, and most important: it helps me to manage the stress. And believe me, there’s a lot of stress when you have to get by on a pittance.”

Cameraman Michel Bosch doing a great job.

“The city council is trying to patronize people on welfare and benefits. They know the law doesn’t allow them to do this, but by making a case out of it, they try to persuade the government to give them more space. If this happens, we’re back in the 1930’s.”

“I have to make choices, every day. I have to choose between daily fresh veggies and fruit, or a reasonably warm house. Between visiting family and friends every now and then, or one pint and one glass of wine a day. Between buying a birthday present for someone, or feeding my dog. Between buying my rolling tobacco, or having a short holiday once a year. I still have the legal right to make these choices, and I will fight for this right as long as I live.”

Camera lights are good for TV, but far too bright for photography, so I adjusted the pictures and turned most of them into black & white.

“There are people who take a holiday in Spain three times a year, to get a terribly unnatural tan, after which they develop skin cancer, which costs the community a lot of money. I wonder if the city council is going to forbid these people to take such holidays.”

After the interview. Michel can’t be in the picture without his gear.

Another one in colour.

Peper in front of one of my unfinished paintings.

And a better one in colour.

Some final shots of Holland’s own ‘Frank Gallagher’.

Remember, this item was about smoking dudes on the dole.

Too fucking obvious, Jack.

Last shot. “Tell me when you’re ready to kill the ciggy.”

“Now, Michel.”

The wireless microphone is removed.

The disk goes to the news van, over the road.

An editor is already editing the item.

Finishing touch. The edited version is directly transmitted to the broadcast company, while the editor enjoys his smoke.

Peper and Michel saying goodbye to their colleague.

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Politieke correctheid maakt plaats voor populistische correctheid

Marine-Le-Pen-furieuse-Jean-Luc-Melenchon-soulageIn de uitzending van 28 november 2013 van Pauw en Witteman zei Freek de Jonge dat politieke correctheid plaats heeft gemaakt voor populistische correctheid. Helaas kreeg hij niet de kans om zijn zienswijze te verduidelijken. Mocht Freek hiermee bedoelen dat het verhuld spreken over onderwerpen die politiek gevoelig liggen bij een deel van de samenleving plaats heeft gemaakt door het spreken over politiek gevoelige onderwerpen op de manier van “het gewone volk”, waarbij sommigen zich opwerpen als “de stem” van “het gewone volk”, met het oogmerk daarmee hun populariteit onder “het gewone volk” te winnen, dan wel te vergroten, dan kan ik het op dat punt met Freek eens zijn. Want dat is namelijk precies wat Gordon doet wanneer hij racistisch getinte opmerkingen plaatst ten nadele van een Chinese deelnemer aan een talentenjacht. Met zijn jarenlange ervaring als marktkoopman op de Albert Cuyp weet hij als geen ander wat “het gewone volk” leuk vindt. Helaas hebben dergelijke grappenmakers altijd navolgers, thuis, op de werkvloer, op school en in de kroeg, waardoor de politieke correctheid, het verschijnsel dat er idealiter voor zorgde dat dergelijke stigmatiserende opmerkingen de minderheden in ons land bespaard bleven, zelf het stigma “links en oubollig” kreeg. Media als Pow Nieuws en Geen Stijl doen hun uiterste best om de populistische correctheid te bevorderen en de politieke correctheid belachelijk te maken. Populistische iconen als Gordon maken dankbaar gebruik van die trend en de commerciële zenders, die het voornamelijk van “het gewone volk” moeten hebben, laten het graag gebeuren.

Onderwijzers, rechters en anderen met een voorbeeldfunctie hebben zich tot dusver laten leiden door politieke correctheid, door de nuance. Die nuance is zoek in de populistische correctheid, want “het gewone volk” houdt niet van nuances, van enerzijds-anderzijds. Mensen die er blijk van geven genuanceerd en zindelijk te willen denken en oordelen worden middels de populistische correctheid bestempeld tot een elite die “het gewone volk” onderdrukt door middel van politieke correctheid.
Dat een dergelijke verschuiving van waarden en normen leidt tot polarisering in de samenleving, zal duidelijk zijn. Wanneer de gedragsbeperkende politieke correctheid (terecht of onterecht) wordt bestempeld als een typische eigenschap van links denkend Nederland, dan zal “het gewone volk” zich meer en meer verplaatsen naar de rechterzijde van het politieke spectrum. Partijen als de VVD en de PVV varen daar wel bij.

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