Legalized By Russian Law


So, according to ex-KGB man Vladimir Putin, Viktor Yanukovich is still the legitimate president of Ukraine. Viktor Yanukovich, the man who is politically responsible for the death of at least 75 people, who has a net worth of $ 12 billion, who owned a $ 75 million mansion near Kiev and a $ 56 million mansion near one of Putin’s mansions in Russia… Viktor Yanukovich, who was from a poor family, who was arrested and imprisoned at the age of 17 for robbery and assault, who was a manager of a transport company for a while, who became a politician in 1996, and who has never earned more than $ 2,000 per month? Do the math: how many months did he have to work to gather $ 12 billion?

And why is Mr. Putin surprised that the Party of Regions, the political party of Viktor Yanukovich, is not represented in the current interim government? Could it be because wealth tends to rub off on those within the party who enabled Viktor Yanukovich to gather “his” $ 12 billion? Could it be because the people of Ukraine, who watched and witnessed the wealth of their president and his fellow thugs from the Party of Regions, have little faith in the political integrity of the Party of Regions?

And what about this nonsense of “Neo Nazis” in the government? The Svoboda (Freedom) Party got 10,45% of the votes in the 2012 elections. They are a social-nationalist, anti-communist populist party, and their party program is not more conservative and more nationalist than any random political movement in the United States of America, with the right to bear arms and a ban on abortion. Not my cup of tea, but nothing out of the ordinary. And yes, they want to be part of NATO and the European Union. The coalition they formed with Fatherland and UDAR after the Euromaidan Revolution, is a temporary one. Only the parliamentary and presidential elections will show if they will get a place in the new Cabinet.

We saw a Russian official produce a letter from Viktor Yanukovich, requesting help from Russia. Coincidentally, and very conveniently, the State Duma is reviewing a draft law that allows the Kremlin to declare any territory part of Russia if the leaders of the territory request it. So this is how it would work: you give the leadership of any former Soviet country a couple of billion dollars, in return for their pro-Putin policies (what comes first?), and when the people find out about this and start a revolution, you let your puppets write a letter with the request for help, and the Russian laws allow you to occupy the country.

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